Top Benefits of a Double Boiler in Candle Making

The candle-making craft has lasted centuries. Although people initially used candles as a source of light, they have quickly evolved into integral décor pieces. In fact, scented and uniquely designed candles are more popular than the traditional plain candle. However, you need the right supplies to make high-quality candles, and a double boiler is crucial. Notably, most hobbyists start with a single saucepan but soon find out they are better off with a double boiler. This article highlights the benefits of a double boiler in the candle-making process.

Prevents Wax From Burning

Candle making is a temperature-sensitive project; for instance, overheating wax is a strong possibility if you use a single saucepan. Notably, the wax at the bottom of a pan is likely to burn after a few minutes of continuous boiling since it is close to the heat source. When this happens, your candles produce a repulsive burnt smell even if you add fragrances. Consequently, most hobbyists prefer to stand by a saucepan and watch the wax to prevent it from burning. However, if you use a double boiler, you do not have to worry about the wax burning. The reason is that a double boiler uses indirect heat from steam to melt the wax. Since there is no chance of burning the wax, you can leave it and attend to other candle-making tasks, such as preparing the wicks and jars.

Accurate Temperature Measurement

Different types of waxes have varying optimal melting temperatures. Unfortunately, you end up with low-quality candles if you exceed the optimal temperature. Besides, you should only add fragrances, dye, and other additives at the right temperatures for effective infusion. To do this, you need to monitor wax temperature constantly. However, it is difficult to get an accurate reading when using a single saucepan because the wax at the bottom is hotter than that at the top. In contrast, a double boiler allows for precise temperature reading since steam heats the wax evenly. Therefore, it does not matter whether you suspend a thermometer or dip it in the wax.

No Need To Constantly Adjust Heat

When you use a single saucepan to melt candle wax, you must constantly adjust the heat source to prevent overheating. In some instances, you might be forced to reduce the heat to promote even melting significantly. Unfortunately, it prolongs the time it takes to melt the candle wax. On the other hand, a double boiler eliminates the need to adjust the heat source. All you have to do is keep the water simmering, and the wax will melt as long as there is adequate steam.

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