3 Interesting Souvenir Kangaroo Magnets

Mention kangaroos to anyone and the first thing that comes to mind is Australia. Therefore, it is difficult to visit Australia and fail to see a single kangaroo; unless your itinerary was restricted to the beaches and the Opera House. That said, how do you keep the memories if you cannot carry a kangaroo or the outback home? Kangaroo magnet souvenirs are your answer. You can hang the memorable pieces on your fridge, and every glance will remind you of your trip. This article highlights interesting souvenir kangaroo magnets you can buy.

3D Kangaroo Magnet 

A kangaroo magnet that reminds you of your trip in the Australian outback should be as real as possible. While there are different kangaroo magnets to choose from, they do not get any more realistic than a 3D version. Usually, 3D kangaroo magnets are handmade with resin, which makes them lightweight. Therefore, you do not have to worry about buying many pieces with varying designs. Additionally, resin is easy to craft, which allows the addition of realistic contours and shading for a realistic 3D kangaroo magnet.

Funny Kangaroo Magnets

Fun tour trips will always evoke happy memories, and what better way to cherish these memories than with funny kangaroo magnets. Luckily, there is no shortage of funny kangaroo magnets to choose from in Australian gift shops. For example, a kangaroo magnet that features a kangaroo carrying a hippo in their pouch is both funny and informative. Although this does not happen in real life, it indicates just how big a kangaroo's pouch is. Notably, guests will not help but laugh at the sight of such a souvenir hanging from your fridge. You can also buy kangaroo magnets with funny Australian quotes and captions. For instance, a kangaroo magnet with the caption 'if you think about it, a kangaroo is a T-Rex deer' is a souvenir that will attract chuckles in your home.

Kangaroo Awareness Magnets 

Known as Australia's hopping icons, kangaroos are considered pests in some quarters because their large number is a threat to crops and also causes road accidents. Some people believe that killing kangaroos is the only way to control their population. However, animal welfare organizations are against the killing of kangaroos as a means to control their numbers. One way these organizations are spreading awareness is by selling kangaroo awareness magnets to tourists. Not only do you get a souvenir worth hanging on your fridge, but you also get a chance to be involved in a worthy cause.

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