What to Remember When Ordering Wholesale Toys for Resale

If you're looking for a good way to make a living, you might start selling toys and other children's items online or in your own retail store, or both. Parents always need new items for their children and this includes new toys, which are also usually chosen as gifts for children on their birthday and holidays. This can mean virtually unlimited customers as there is almost always a market for new toys and other such items.

Ordering wholesale toys and other children's items for resale is not like buying items in a store for your own use. You'll need to carefully consider your supplier and the items you choose in order to have successful sales. Note a few things you might want to remember when ordering wholesale toys and other such items for resale.

1. Start with a check of safety regulations

The safety regulations in the country where toys are manufactured may be different than the safety regulations in your own country or the countries where you ship, so this is the first thing you need to check. The safety regulations may affect the materials of any item you purchase, as certain materials may be more flammable than others. Some areas may have regulations about toys being marked for certain age groups, so that parents know not to give toys to younger children if they can get hurt by them. Know the regulations of your area and then start with a check of these when buying any items for resale.

2. Check licensing

You never want to resell "bootleg" toys or products that may actually be infringing on a company's trademark. If you resell brand name toys, you need to ensure that your wholesaler has the licensing rights to those toys. If they sell brand names without licensing rights, they can easily be sued for trademark infringement and you might share in the liability.

3. Note if a wholesaler can drop ship

Drop shipping refers to shipping out to customers from a warehouse location. If you want to sell children's items online you may want to work with a drop shipper. This can make it easier to process orders for you since there is no delay in getting them to you and then shipping them out, and you don't need to warehouse your items either. It's good to understand how a drop shipper works and to find one if you want to sell your children's items online.

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